David Koch

Possibly the most interesting topic discussed by William March, reporter for the Tampa Tribune, was that of David Koch. Recently, a Journalist from Buffalo, NY called the Governor of Wisconsin pretending to be Mr. Koch. It is important to mention that David Koch is a high profile businessman with a lot of weight and money to throw around in politics. So, when Governor Scott Walker said that he would not talk to anyone, journalists Ian Murphy took it as a challenge. Although nothing truly incriminating was said there has still been a lot of drama flying through the airwaves about this whole situation. Even David Koch himself addressed the issue on his personal blog a few days ago. Although it is obvious he is trying to hide it, he seems very hurt by the whole ordeal. He talks about how unprofessional and worthless Murphy is as a journalist. He also talks about how news sources and so called journalists have lost his respect. He uses the Huffington Post as an example because they have a link on their site to a page on Wikipedia. He states at the end of his blog “it’s pronounced ‘coach’ not ‘coke’. It is obvious that few reporters are actually reporting good hard journalistic fact they are just posting what sells.  It is up to us to be different and avoid the pull of an easy story in exchange for our honor and integrity. We should be classy not crass, even in informal online posts. Maybe then we will truly make a name for ourselves rather than just 15 minutes of fame.

Here is the link to Murphy’s post resulting from the episode.

He actually uses “Blah, blah, blah” to describe what the governor said on the phone. To me it sounds like a cocky 14 year old could have written this piece. I am sure he thinks he hit the jackpot, but as we know the next big piece of news is closer than you think. No one in journalism can really enjoy the victory of a story for long because they have to keep running after the next big story. A truly big story requires research not pranks.

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